Invited Speakers

Bernt Schiele

Max Planck Institute

Dacheng Tao

Ming-Hsuan Yang

University of California, Merced

Daoqiang Zhang

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Stella Yu

University of California, Berkeley

Boqing Gong



Aug 21 (12AM – 6AM) UTC, Friday Evening in Montreal

Time Session Speakers Materials
{{tableData[currentCountry][0]}} Opening Remarks Xiu-Shen Wei -
{{tableData[currentCountry][1]}} Invited Talk 1 Bernt Schiele -
{{tableData[currentCountry][2]}} Invited Talk 2 Dacheng Tao video
{{tableData[currentCountry][3]}} Oral Presentation 1 - -
{{tableData[currentCountry][4]}} Invited Talk 3 Ming-Hsuan Yang -
{{tableData[currentCountry][5]}} Invited Talk 4 Daoqiang Zhang video
{{tableData[currentCountry][6]}} Oral Presentation 2 - -
{{tableData[currentCountry][7]}} Invited Talk 5 Stella Yu video
{{tableData[currentCountry][8]}} Invited Talk 6 Boqing Gong video
{{tableData[currentCountry][9]}} Best Paper Presentation - -
{{tableData[currentCountry][10]}} Panel Session & QA - -
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